Latest School Epedemic: Word Walls

I think mostly in response to suggestions of state officials which translates too administrator edicts, word walls are becoming prevalent throughout the my high school. I’ve had a student created wall in the past where students made word posters with the word, definition and a picture, but I never did this activity frequently enough to have a comprehensive list of the important course vocabulary. This year I’ve tried something different: the idea is to have a “word of the day,” the wall then serves as a record of those important words that students are expected to know. “Word of the day” communication started out pretty strong but lately I haven’t been printing the words out in time. I just got caught up with it. Doesn’t it look awesome!?


2 responses to “Latest School Epedemic: Word Walls

  1. Your Word Wall is interesting. I especially like the different shapes and fonts used for the different words. I wonder how this wall translates to student learning and engagement. . . Hey Shaw teachers, what are your stories about Word Walls?

    It seems that you are doing the lions share of the work, how can you get the students to do more? There are about a hundred of them and only one of you; if you got the students to help, perhaps the Word Wall could always be current.

  2. I think she was politely dissing my wall…thems fightin’ words.

    I believe my wall is valuable to students. For me it is all about communicating the unit goals. I would like the students to be more involved though.

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